Show me the honey, 2022!

National Oatmeal Month got me thinking about honey. Sweet sweet honey. The kind you find in our delicious soft-baked Show Me The Honey oatmeal cookies. And the kind that keeps the world going 'round. There is something so sweet about giving back and here at Feed Your Soul it's something we do all year. As I look at 2022, my hope is for more sweetness in this crazy, ever-changing world. Here are my thoughts to nibble on while you enjoy that box of assorted cookies you've been hiding from your family all winter break :)
A look back on 2021
Looking back on 2021, there were a lot of challenges we all faced. But a lot of achievements. It takes a lot of courage to build a business from the ground up, and 2021 challenged me in ways I could not have imagined. I realized the only way out of the issues we were facing was for me to dive in completely. Part of me felt like I was moving backwards, working full time in the bakery and re-aquainting myself with every part of the process. Our online business experienced tremendous growth, but we had supply chain issues that were out of our control and limited employees to rely on.  We streamlined our process and worked hard to reach our goals. 
Feeling gratitude with every order
To see the unprecedented amount of gifts being loaded into the truck each evening...I felt an enormous sense of gratitude and accomplishment. We did it! I am humbled and proud of all that we have accomplished in 2021 and look forward to expanding this cookie empire in 2022.
Looking forward to 2022 
I'm a big believer in shooting for the stars. How I get there is another story, but my goals are always BIG. I want to be the official cookie of Jersey Mike's Subs. I want to increase brand awareness  so more people come to love Feed Your Soul. I want to grow our customer base and I want to have fun. I plan to create a new flavor every month and see where these new creations take me! Perhaps in our cookie of the month club boxes!
Our impact in 2022
Not only do I hope to double our donations in both cookies and meals in 2022, I hope to give more of my time. It is so important for young people to know that they have the ability to do great things. I would love to help in any way I can.
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