3 easy ways to say Thank You

Have you ever found yourself wanting to thank someone for helping you out in a jam or thank a person who just showed UP in ways that you never expected? Those are the people who make life sweet. Those are the people we should stop and recognize even in the smallest way. When you put gratitude out in the universe, it comes back...right? Well even if it takes months or years to come back, saying thank you is never a bad idea. We all have different ways of showing love and gratitude.

Here are the top 3 ways we show thanks:

A Handwritten note

When was the last time you got mail that wasn't junk or a bill you didn't want to even open? A sweet handwritten note is a great way to capture someone's attention for just the cost of a forever stamp...or walking to their mailbox!

An act of kindness

Doing something small...even something as small as taking in your neighbor's trash bins, giving a referral or positive online review, introducing new contacts, watching someone's kids or pet for a few hours, house sitting, plant sitting...anything you can think of that is FREE is a great way to show gratitude. Actions speak louder than words and a little act of kindness can go a long way!

Something sweet

Now we're talking. Who doesn't love a random cookie or brownie delivery to their home or work? A dessert gift tin full of yummy flavors of soft cookies and decadent bars can truly brighten someone's day. If you think about it, maybe it's because desserts are an escape from the moment. When you're at work or at home and you take a moment to enjoy a dessert, it really is a few seconds of zen. Personally, I hide my treats in the freezer so I can store that moment of zen away for a time in need. But hey, let's all agree that desserts go A LONG way and when you know that the gift you're giving is also charitable and gives back to people in need, it makes everyone feel good.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our gifts. 

PS: We will write a note in any gift so you get the best of all 3...a handwritten note, a random act of kindness, and something sweet :) 


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